Who Will Free the Flesh Pets?


There exist singular moments when you are discovered, when you are absolutely and undeniably revealed to both the audience of your life and to yourself... No amount of composure can buffer against this blow, prevent your mind from overheating and rolling gently to stop like a car on a one-lane bridge... Your feet scream that now is the perfect time to take flight, to run from the room and never look back. Only you cannot, as the act of discovery injects a paralytic drug. So you remain still, waiting for the moment to unfold...

As you can guess, this was one of those moments.

For the first time in his long life, Dr. Charles Fleischman seeks an audience, a chance to reveal the true events of his life, to be forgiven, to forgive, and to give people his personal account of how he leads a research team to the greatest discovery in the history of medicine. He also wants to share how his discoveries (again, meant to improve lives) were used to create the world’s most horrifying evolutionary breakthrough.

About the author

David Joseph Krause lives with his family and cat just outside of Sacramento. Who Will Free the Flesh Pets? is his first novel. You can get your copy here.

Request for Assistance

I am no doctor. Nor am I a scientist or medical researcher. I performed some research for a few of the chapters in this book, but I realize that a geneticist or molecular biologist might take issue with parts of this book. If you are one of those folks, and you'd like to tell me how to improve the science, please send an email to me at floatingfoam @ gmail dot com. I will give you credit and establish a small shrine to you in my home.


Here are some songs that helped me write this book.