Who Will Free the Flesh Pets?



There exist singular moments when you are “discovered,” when you are absolutely and undeniably revealed to both the audience of your life and to yourself. Maybe the police come to your door with a warrant for your arrest, or your best friend reveals some heinous betrayal, or you witness an act so vile, your faith is instantly vaporized, turning back into the gas you knew it always was. No amount of composure can buffer against this blow, prevent your mind from overheating and rolling gently to stop like a car on a two-lane bridge...

As you can guess, this was one of those moments.

Dr. Charles Fleischman wants what most great men who are turned into pariahs want... An audience. A chance to detail the nearly true events of his life, to be forgiven, to forgive, and to explain his part in making the greatest and most horrifying discovery in the history of mankind.

About the author

David Joseph Krause lives with his family just outside of Sacramento. Who Will Free the Flesh Pets? is his first novel. More information about the book can be found on this page.

Request for Assistance

I am no doctor. Nor am I a scientist or medical researcher. I performed some research for a few of the chapters in this book, but I realize that a scientist in the fields covered will likely consider the dialogue suspicious or utter bullshit. I would absolutely LOVE if anyone reading this with a background in organ transplants, stem cell research or cutting edge tissue regeneration research would send me an email telling me all the ways I'm wrong. You can contact me at floatingfoam at gmail dot com. I will give you credit and establish a shrine to you over my fireplace.


Here's a partial list of songs that contributed to the mood and character development in the story.